Hi. I am an

Agile Coach
passionate about getting this done


Passionate about Agile Coaching and getting things done.

I have experienced on many occasions that organizations have difficulty in making the transition towards more business agility. Going from a Top-Down way of work towards a more Bottom-Up organization is not an easy path, where transparency and 100% trust in the intrinsic potential of your the employees are mandatory. I am passionate in getting things done, based on self-organising people and teams where management plays a more facilitating role so employee and teams can accelerate.

In some areas of the business, agility is not that easy or possible. In my previous positions as Program Manager at the Crypto Department within Fox-IT due to all kind of security measures this really was a challenge. 

In my current postion I am driving agile innovation in cyber tech as COO | Utilizing DetACT™️ to safeguard financial fraud | Leading teams towards social impactful solutions.


What I am awesome at

4 awesome competences I bring with me in helping you achieve your goals.

Result Driven

Agile Mindset

Enabling People & Teams

Customer Facing

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